gotiations are ongoing to restore video calling Rightel


Rightel CEO said :
Negotiations are ongoing to restore video calling Rightel
Managing third mobile operator in the country, consistent dialogue with the authorities to restore video calls Rightel said.

Seyed Majid Sadri maker in dialogue with reporters , alluding to provide cultural attachment Rightel – stressed concrete talks with the doctor preacher Rightel Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the High Council of Cyberspace is being done as soon as possible possibility of re-establishing video calls to subscribers of these operators is provided.
Pectoral pointed out a great deal for providing this service is being conducted jointly with the Minister of Communications and is also on removing this restriction insist .
CEO Rightel the specified time to provide this service to subscribers Rightel video conversation did not mention , however, continuing efforts to address this limitation in the near future managers, operators said.

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